How to Sell Your RV

What do professional wholesale buyers look for when they try to buy RV's below market value? They look for a "For Sale" sign in the window! They know the owner is tired of wasting his time sitting at home by the phone. Don't let anyone take advantage of you!

The most important thing to do when you decide to sell your rig is to clean it up. Don't just give it a quick wash and a vacuum, try to make it look like new! Scrub the exterior, clean the interior, shampoo it, polish it, and give it a shine. It's not easy, but it makes selling easy.

If the paint needs to be touched up, it's best to have an expert do it. If you do your own touch-ups, use a small brush, and protect surrounding areas carefully. NEVER USE SPRAY CANS UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL PAINTER!

Have bumps, banks, dents, and other eyesores professionally repaired or be willing to sell at a discounted price. Texas Trader RV, on the expressway at La Feria, has an excellent service department and is willing to repair almost anything!

Get rid of clutter. Take out all that extra stuff and put it in storage. Remove stickers, add-ons, bumper storage units, old or faded decorations and extra furniture. Some customizing may be OK, but customers usually like everything to look original.

NADA Consumer Recreational Vehicle Appraisal GuideNext, find out what it's worth. Call Texas Trader at (956) 797-3000, and ask for the current book value. The book value will usually include most normal accessories, but be sure to mention expensive options like hydraulic jacks. The book value is what dealers all across the nation are asking for a similar RV, cleaned up and sitting on their front line.

Get the word out! Let prospective buyers know your rig is for sale. Consider advertising in all of the local newspapers and handouts. When you write your ad, don't tell absolutely everything! Leave a few questions so that the reader will call and ask for more details. Be sure to give the times when you will be available, so you don't have to wait by the phone.

Be reasonable when you establish your asking price, then when the prospective buyer makes you a fair offer, sell it! "DON'T HOLD OUT FOR THAT LAST NICKEL, IT COULD COST YOU A DIME!"

If you decide to sell it by yourself, Texas Trader can help you with the paperwork, and do almost any repair service.

Consignment selling may be the easiest way to sell your rig and receive a fair price. When you consign, the dealer can do most of the clean up work and he may already have a customer for your rig. Consignment dealers will usually wash and vacuum your rig for free, but expect them to charge for extra detail and paintwork.

Consignment fees are typically about 10% of the sales price. In other words, you receive 90% of retail. Be sure you have a written agreement on price and length of contract.

Consignment dealers should provide adequate protection for your RV and allow no one inside unless accompanied by an employee. You don't want parts of your rig to become someone's shopping souvenirs! Be sure to check out the dealer before you decide.

A successful dealer should have a large inventory. Buyers want to compare several recreational vehicles before they buy. It's not unusual for the Texas Trader lot to be full of lookers (buyers) just walking around.

Even though Texas Trader is one of the largest consignment dealers in Texas, we always have time to talk. Texas Trader will guarantee to sell your recreational vehicle within 90 days or they will make you an offer themselves!

Give Texas Trader RV a try! Call (956) 797-3000 or see them on Expressway 83 in La Feria.


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