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Selecting the Right RV for You

Whether you are planning to buy or rent an RV, you need to determine which vehicle is right for you. There's an RV for every need and every budget. Take a look at the wide selection of vehicle types available to decide what's best for your family.

Recreation vehicles, or RVs, comprise a whole family of vehicles that combine transportation and temporary living quarters for recreation, camping and travel. Some provide a simple place for sleeping and eating, while others are virtually luxury lodges on wheels.

Conveniences range from the basics

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like running water, cooking and bathroom facilities, and a power source (either electricity or liquid propane) -- to added comforts such as air conditioning, entertainment systems and slideout rooms. RVs fall into two general categories:  

Towable RVs

An RV designed to be towed by a motorized vehicle (car, van or pickup truck) and of such size and weight as not to require a special highway movement permit. Towable RVs do not require permanent on-site hook-up. 

Motorized RVs

An RV built on or as an integral part of a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis, combining transportation and living quarters in one unit. 



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