Renting an RV

For someone who loves RV travel but can't commit to ownership or wants to give RVing a try before buying, renting a vehicle is a smart way to start. 

With the growing popularity of RV travel, the rental business is booming. There are now recreation outlets nationwide renting motorhomes, folding camping trailers and other vehicles, giving non-owners the opportunity to enjoy the fun and freedom of an RV vacation.


Why Rent an RV? 

Renting an RV is a great way for prospective RV buyers to take an RV on an extended "test drive" with their families and belongings.

Rentals give prospective buyers the opportunity to try various types of RVs and learn from actual experience which one is best suited to their particular needs.

When you rent an RV, you have the flexibility to make your own travel schedule as you travel in complete comfort.

Rentals are the answer for families who already know and enjoy the RV lifestyle but don't want the responsibility of ownership.

 More than 400 national rental chain outlets and local RV dealerships offer state-of-the-art, late model year vehicles for rent. Most rental sites offer fleets of 5 to 50 vehicles and a growing number of campgrounds offer on-site rentals as well.

A valid drivers license and proof of age are required by all rental agencies. Minimum age of driver varies with each rental location, so check before renting if you have any doubts.

Rental companies give inexperienced drivers tips and test drives before letting you head out onto the open road. With automatic transmissions, power brakes and steering, RVs are easier to drive than you might think.

Once you've chosen your vacation destination, you must determine if your plans are to rent an RV near your home and drive there or to fly to the location and rent an RV locally to see the sights. Many larger rental locations offer special fly-drive packages to out-of-town renters.

Most RV rental companies provide "housekeeping" packages (dishes/pots/pans) at nominal fees. Most require you to bring your own bed linens and will supply you with bed sizes in advance. 

Before you rent, check with your automobile insurance carrier to see if the rental RV is covered under your current policy or if additional coverage should be purchased from the rental agency. 

Most of all, relax, enjoy and have a great family vacation experience!

What Types of RVs are Available for Rent?

Motorhomes are the most popular rental model; however, travel trailers, folding camping trailers, truck campers and conversion vehicles are now available at many rental outlets.

Depending upon the season, motorhomes rent from $70 to $170 per day and truck campers and travel trailers average $50 to $120 per day. Remember, that fee includes your transportation, sleeping accommodations, and a kitchen which gives you the option of reducing food costs.

For Recreational Vehicle Rentals We Heartily Recommend:


Cruise America

11 West Hampton Ave

Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: 480-464-7300

Fax: 480-464-7321


Find Other RV Rental Companies by State:

For a listing of local and national RV rental locations, contact the Recreation Vehicle Rental Association. Their website provides comprehensive information about member locations throughout the US and Canada.



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