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About Texas Trader

Texas Trader is the Valley's oldest, largest and most respected used recreational vehicle consignment dealer. Owned and operated by Texas Trader RV. Still in its original La Feria location, Texas Trader is ideally situated to serve the entire recreational vehicle community from Brownsville to Mission. Our goal is to provide superior new and used consignment RVs at a fair price to all.

Texas Trader primarily deals in quality used RVs consigned by "Winter Texans." Winter Texans are retirees from other states which spend the Winter and Early Spring in the warmer Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Most of our consigned vehicles are in extremely good condition with very low miles. One reason is because they are typically moved only twice a year, to and from the Rio Grande Valley. Also, because of the Winter Texans' age bracket, they statistically tend to be more seasoned and conscientious RVers. This minimizes the chance of minor accidents or other damage associated with less experienced operators. And finally, Winter Texans tend to be 'empty nesters.' Since they do not usually travel with children, their RVs do not experience the inevitable wear and tear which accompany young kids.

When you buy a quality used recreational vehicle from Texas Trader, you can be certain that all the major systems and appliances work the way they are supposed to. Before you take delivery, our knowledgeable service staff will carefully guide you through a thorough predelivery inspection of your rig. An extended service agreement is also available for both new and used RVs purchased through Texas Trader.

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