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Frequently Asked Questions

What is used RV consignment sales?

Used RV consignment is an agreement between the owner of an used recreational vehicle (consignor) and an individual or company (consignee) who proposes to sell that used recreational vehicle for a fee or commission.

Why is the used RV consignment method better?

Used RV consignment selling works extremely well for both the seller of the used recreational vehicle and the prospective buyer. The used recreational vehicle seller typically receives more money from used RV consignment sales than he would ordinarily expect to get from selling his used recreational vehicle to used RV wholesalers (dealers) or the general public. The reasons are simple. The used RV dealer who buys wholesale, typically needs to make as much as 50% gross profit from the sale of used recreational vehicles in order to cover his high operating overheads such as finance charges and the required insurance premiums. Conversely, a used RV consignment dealer like Texas Trader used RV consignment sales, has no real equity or financial investment in the used recreational vehicles he sells and therefore requires a substantially smaller gross profit margin from each sale. used RV consignment thus translates into more realistic and fair prices for used recreational vehicles which means they sell quicker to price-conscious used RV buyers.

How is each used recreational vehicle's worth determined?

Incorrect pricing of a used RV could mean the loss of hundreds... even thousands of dollars to the used recreational vehicle seller. This can happen in two ways. First, if a used recreational vehicle is priced too high, it will tend to discourage or turn-off potential buyers in the market. Secondly, used recreational vehicles priced or sold too far below the 'fair market value' will cost the seller untold dollars. Texas Trader has the experience and the expertise to help each used RV consignment seller establish the best asking price for their used recreational vehicle based upon national re-sale pricing guidelines which are published periodically for dealers. Combined with local buying trends, Texas Trader can arrive at the best fair market value for each used recreational vehicle. Is it necessary that all consigned used recreational vehicles be located on Texas Trader used RV consignment sales' used recreational vehicle lot in order to be sold? Yes, Texas Trader is a fully-licensed motor vehicle dealer in the state of Texas. Under Texas Civil Statutes, Article 6686, "a dealer is not permitted to sell or offer for sale, used recreational vehicles from a location other than an established and permanent place of business which has been approved by the Texas Department of Motor used recreational vehicles." This situation, fortunately, works to the seller's advantage since used RV buyers are drawn toward the used RV lots with the largest used recreational vehicle inventories. With Texas Trader used RV consignment sales' large on-site used recreational vehicle inventory, more buyers will be seeing your used recreational vehicle. And the more used RV buyers who see your used recreational vehicle, the faster your used recreational vehicle is likely to sell.

Why should I consign my RV with Texas Trader?

  1. Convenience

    Texas Trader RV can take the worry, frustration and burden away from the problems that are often encountered when trying to sell one's own used recreational vehicle. There's no need to wait by the phone for someone to call. You won't have to invest in costly classified ads in the newspaper. And you won't have to worry about being able to get a fair price for your used recreational vehicle. Starting with the free appraisal of your used RV, Texas Trader used RV consignment sales dedicates itself to giving its customers courteous and professional service based upon more than 30 years of used RV sales experience and thousands of used RV's sold.
  2. Fair Market Value

    Texas Trader RV can help you determine the true value of your used RV. We'll give you a free appraisal based upon national rates and local sales market experience. If you can't come to our used RV lot, we'll be happy to come to you. If your used recreational vehicle needs small repairs, washing and cleaning, plus other minor detail work, we'll be happy to take care of it. We want to make sure your used RV looks its very best so you can command the best price!
  3. 24-Hour Security

    Texas Trader RV used RV consignment sales' high visibility location on Expressway 83 is completely enclosed by a seven-foot, barbed wire security fence. In addition, the premises are well lighted and patrolled by guard dog after business hours. Furthermore, we keep all used RVs securely locked at all times, in order to prevent theft or vandalism. Only qualified buyers enter your used RV accompanied by one of our courteous used recreational vehicle sales representatives. In many respects, your used recreational vehicle may be more secure on our used RV lot than at its present location.
  4. Guaranteed Sales Assurance

    Texas Trader RV can make you a guarantee that we will sell your used RV! We have sold thousands of previously owned used recreational vehicles on consignment. And most used recreational vehicles have sold within the first six weeks on our used RV lot! Our high exposure location combined with an aggressive advertising and marketing campaign, fosters consistent awareness that is essential for drawing new used recreational vehicle buyers to our used RV lot. We advertise in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, Internet, radio and television. Chances are we may already have a buyer for your used RV. Our used recreational vehicle sales representatives maintain an up-to-date listing of prospective used RV buyers whose needs are matched to your used recreational vehicle's specifications the moment it comes in. In this fashion, some used recreational vehicles are sold the same day they come in!